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09 March 2011

Top 7 Reasons Why E7 means Business

The Nokia E7 is finally about to be launched in Australia so we are bringing forward a review of the E7 we did in September for those that missed it. A Nokia E7 is currently on its way to Australia to be reviewed so we'll an even closer look at it when it arrives. For now, here are the top seven reasons why business users should upgrade to the Nokia E7. 

You can put your toys away now, Nokia finally has a business device that you can proudly place on the boardroom table. You've probably seen this around in the past week on various blogs and review sites but as we all know, it's not all about the number of megapixels or the speed of the processor, so what is the E7 like for a business user?

1. Screen Size First of all, and most importantly, the screen size is very big, much bigger than an Iphone 4 and with the ClearBlack Design, the display is crisper and also saves more battery life. The screen size makes viewing websites much easier. Bloggers also checked the Adobe Flash version which is supported by E7 and yes, it supports 10.1, which means flash websites willl load up fine.

2. Hardware Much of the hardware specs match the Nokia N8, however the camera is an excellent 8 megapixels which is more than enough for a business user but not the crazy 12.1 megapixels squeezed into the N8. Neither is there a mechanical shutter in the E7 or a carl zeiss lens. However, HD quality video @ 720p is possible with a phone that is meant to be for business users - so you CAN have some fun on your business trip. 
3. Security The Nokia E7 comes with business-level security such as the ability to remotely lock your phone (not new), wipe confidential data easily, memory card encryption and map-tracking for stolen phones.

4. Emails Microsoft Exchange servers and Lotus Notes users will rejoice at the ease of connecting the E7 to your company's systems and free access to QuickOffice, the mobile equivalent of Microsoft Office will enable you to edit documents, presentations and excel spreadsheets on the go. The built in email application will allow you to check multiple (I heard 10?) email addresses at all times, with push email supported (move over Blackberry).

5. USB connectivity One major feature is USB on the go which will enable you to transfer someone's documents from USB to your phone or view photos/documents from a USB thumb drive. Hey, you could even play a movie stored on your thumb drive!

6. Big screen GPS Well we finally have it. A big screen GPS receiver that will also come with free updates of NAVTEQ powered maps, which can be downloaded to your phone before heading overseas.

7. Touch screen E7 does bring Nokia business phones into the touch screen era which admittedly took a while but its great they didn't leave the QWERTY keyboard at the design labs! You can now flick through your emails, swipe through a city you are visiting, pinch and zoom on a website and still text on a real keyboard.

There is so much more but I did say seven, so read up more about the E7 here and share your favourites in the comments below. If you are a serious business user, leave a comment about where you are coming from, your position and whether the E7 does it for you. 

See the N8 side by side with E7

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