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24 March 2011

7 More Reasons the E7 is Business Class

It arrived at the door signed off by CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop and a customised graphic with a quote from MyE72 printed on the screen of the E7. Before we got to the phone, credit certainly had to be given to Nokia Marketing team. The E7 was touted by a famous blogger as a business device that you can proudly place on the boardroom table and six months later, that view has only been futher reinforced with our extended play of the E7. 

In our previous write up, we mentioned the Top 7 reasons why the E7 means business. They reasons were (1) the Super sized AMOLED CBD screen, (2) Unnecesarily good hardware, (3) Business-level security, (4) Multiple-email support (5) Convenient USB connectivity, (6) Go anywhere GPS and navigation and (7) Touch screen+keyboard combination. 

But of course, you want more reasons! In this post, we'll cover some of the other features on the business end of the E7, seeing as you have probably already read about the E7's mass-market appeal and that's why you're here. Here's 7 reasons you can let your son keep your iPhone.

1. Microsoft Exchange on the E7
At work, we have campus wide wireless internet access which is free to use to access emails. I used the New New Mailbox widget to add my work email address which connects via a Microsoft Exchange server. I used the Mail for Exchange, entered the server and domain details and it was happily feeding me emails as they came in. Worked without a hitch. 

2. Anti-theft on the E7
It was the remote locking on the e series phones that really surprised me, a feature that often does not make it on the spec sheet. 
Remote locatingHowever, the Nokia E7 has taken anti-theft even futher, including the ability to remotely locate where your phone is! Let's say you left it at work and you weren't sure if it was stolen. You ccan check where your phone is by sms your mobile number with a code and the phone will tell you where the phone is. 
Remote wiping - If you are a Nokia executive and you realised that your phone HAS been stolen, there is a good chance that much of the information on that phone is now compromised. To stop the thief from selling the prototype information to Engadget, you can send an SMS to your phone to wipe the phone of all its data... did you catch that? via SMS!
Now I understand that there are things a thief could do like take out the SIM card or whatever, but the idea with this built in app is a great move by nokia to win the executive and flying first-class market. 

3. VPN on the E7
The Nokia E7 allows you to connect to a Virtual Private Network, for example a secured workplace network. However... I haven't managed to do this yet as the VPN that I have access to, does not have a web URL from which devices can extract a 'policy'. Therefore I have not tried this out yet and leave it to you to make comments if you have. 

4. HDMI on the E7
We're clearly hitting the big time when we have a phone that carries the capacity to link up with any projector or TV that is HDMI enabled. As with all other E series phones, QuickOffice comes installed on the Nokia E7 so you don't need to be told again that this turns your E7 into a mobile office. What probably DOES need you to know is that you can run a simple powerpoint (emphasis simple enough to view well on the E7 itself) on a big screen using the E7 (no computer needed!). 

5. Camera on the E7 
First of all, my disappointment. One of the best features of the Nokia E72 has been dropped in the design of the E7 which was the Multiscanner and Business Card reader. The camera on the E7 is no longer an autofocus camera, but a fullfocus camera. In spite of my disappointment, I've listed this as a noteworthy feature for the E7 because of the speed at which the camera can capture images using fullfocus. In the end, it is, after all, an 8MP camera with HD video capabilities which is much more than business users were probably expecting anyway. 

Using the USB, HDMI and Bluetooth on the E7 at the same time!
If the presentation is on a thumb drive, plug it into your E7 (via the adapter) via the USB and pull up the presentation. Use a bluetooth keyboard to sync with your E7 so that you can control or make changes comfortably with a larger keyboard. Hook up the E7 via the HDMI to your projector/TV and you have yourself a projector and laptop in one device. 

6. Boardroom essentials on the E7
Hidden behind the Settings -> Phone, there hides a simple feature called Turning Control. If you left your phone on during a meeting, and someone important calls in, but the people in this meeting are also important.. what do you do? For some phones, the awkward shuffle trying to turn the phone off will leave one embarrassed, or if you choose to reject the call, you could leave the caller very unhappy on the other end. For the E7, all you need to do is turn the phone over and the phone will go silent and stop vibrating. The person on the other end keeps ringing but your meeting is fine to continue.. and no one is upset. 

7. And when you're finished with the E7... you unplug all the cables and fold down the keyboard, you have yourself an aesthetically appealing, solid device to tuck into your suit pocket. 

Photo taken with the Nokia N8


  1. I agree with everything you say. This is going to be a big seller to the business community. i for one can't wait to get my hands on it. I would also say that you can sync contacs calender and notes via ovi sync so you will never lose them. Smartfonefan

  2. Seriously with all the issues cropping up with the E7, I for one would'nt go near it as the mere thought of spending 48K Pak rupees and ending up with a potential brick scares the bejeezuz out of me.
    The N8 otoh with the new firmware update has now got full quick office editing capability (which as a CA is very important to me) and having seen a friend suffer with his E7 while a cousin prances around merrily with her N8, I think my E72 shall make way (whenever that happens) for a N8. Will have to buy that wifi presenter and that scaning app if it is seperately availabe though?
    But seriously nothing like the E72 :-). I weaned 2 friends off their BBs when I bought this beauty last year.