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25 March 2011

Partial Web Browsing Experience on E7

There seems to be some issues with the Nokia E7 displaying some parts of websites. For example, below is a photo of the E7 displaying this blog. The Google Ads do not show up. Any ideas? Also, images on the blog have a black border around them and further down the blog, one of the images seemed to be blacked out. However, we understand that a new browser is on the way in a firmware appearing somewhere on the horizon.

I tried my page on the just released Opera Mobile 11 on the Nokia E7 and the blog appeared perfectly fine, no image borders, however the ads did not appear. Is this a Google hates Nokia for not joining Android thing? Anyway, enjoy the ad free viewing experience on the Opera Mobile browser. Another interesting thing about Opera Mobile is that "fast-forward scroll" button that appears when you scroll through a page with your finger. Pressing it takes you to the bottom of the page. Oh did I mention portrait QWERTY keyboard on Opera? Yes, it is possible and it works well.

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