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29 March 2011

Nokia Ovi Suite 3.1 Now at Betalabs

You can catch the newest update of the Nokia Ovi Suite at Nokia Betalabs. Here are the exciting changes in the new beta which I will definitely download and check it out.

  • Update both your phone and newest versions of your installed software in one go.
  • Downloading apps, games, and more from Ovi Store is now even simpler. Now, the direct link to the app is sent to your phone. 
  • Sync log view allows  you to see all the details that were added, updated or deleted and where each of these changes took place.
  • Syncing with Microsoft Outlook has been improved with critical fixes.
  • Connections Creating the connection between your device and computer is now more reliable.
  • Sending text messages to groups is now possible. You can create contact groups in the Contacts view and easily send messages to all the members of a specific group in the Messaging view.
  • Playing high-definition videos captured with your phone takes place in a more optimised and smooth way.
  • Keeping track of your map downloads is easy. Click Downloads in the Maps view to view your download queue.
I am looking forward mostly to the improvements to the synchronising Nokia with Microsoft Outlook which should be an essential arrangement. Syncing usually scares people because of the potential to lose everything in one go. Hopefully this phobia has also been taken care of in this new update. 

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