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11 March 2011

You'll Wish You Never Saw This Video

For those that know me, I love a great marketing promotion. Nokia Australia has hosted one of the best events that I've seen for a Nokia phone. Imagine being able to keep a high performance car for a week, fitted out with the latest in Nokia car navigation technology? How much would your heart be pounding the moment you realised where one of the cars were hidden around Sydney? Could you overcome the angst you'd feel wondering whether you will get there in time before anyone else? I've been reading about the NokiaNav promotion during the past week but it was only after I saw this video, that I realised how much I wish I was there to participate (or even help!) in this promotion, one of the best that 1000Heads has come up with and certainly one of the best in Australia. When will such a promotion come to Perth?

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