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16 December 2010

Vodafone Problems about to get Worse

Just read an article from AdelaideNow that suggests Vodafone Australia customers may be able to walk out of their phone plans based on the connection problems that many customers have experienced recently in Australia. The problems were also highlighted in ZDNet's article here, revolving mainly from complaints coming from Sydney and Melbourne of congestion on the Vodafone network.

"I believe the contract has been broken by Vodafone," Teresa Corbin, CEO of the Federal Government-funded Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, said.
Ms Corbin said Vodafone had sold services that had not worked well for a sustained period.
"There is no question that this has caused significant detriment to customers," Ms Corbin said.
Ms Corbin said that constituted a breach of contract. 
If you are one of those customers who have experienced poor reception on Vodafone, let us know if you have been successful in cancelling your plan or receiving compensation. 

07 December 2010

Australia's Cheapest Prepaid Plans compared

If you are in the market for a cheap prepaid sim card, you have to look at one of the best sources for comparing different prepaid deals for Australia. It initially was started by those who were looking for alternatives to the now defunct ISIM plans which were offering one of the best plans available to the market.

The "open source" google spreadsheet is a classic example of what can be done nowadays using the internet and the simple faith in mankind to do what's best for their fellow man. It's like the wikipedia of phone plans. Currently, it is comparing the prices of Amaysim, TPG, Virgin Mobile, Pennysim, Talk down under, Woolworths everyday mobile, Ugly Bill, Telstra, Think Mobile, Amichi,  E.mobile, Just Mobile, E.tel, Revtel, Savvytel, SMSpup Mobile, Vodafone, Kiss Mob, Slimtel, Exetel and Planet ISP.

Currently, the best plan I can see is the TPG budget plan which I have signed up to personally for a backup sim card. The other outstanding deal must be Amaysim. Check out the spreadsheet here.