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31 May 2010

Did you buy your E72 before 30 June?

If you bought a Nokia E72 recently, here is why you should call 1800 821 284.

Nokia is giving away free in car accessories to people who bought a Nokia E72 between the 1st March 2010 and 30th June 2010. When you call the toll-free Australian number, they will ask  you for your email address so that they can send you details about the free redemption.

This is also available for
  • Nokia N97
  • Nokia N97 mini
  • Nokia 6710 Navigator
  • Nokia X6
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5230
  • Nokia E52
You will need to supply the following information
  • Full Name 
  • Day time delivery address (Signature required)
  • IMEI Number of Handset (*#0000# on your phone to get the IMEI number)
  • Place (store) of purchase
  • Date of purchase 
  • Model

29 May 2010

Free Nokia E72 on $29 cap is currently sold out @ Three

For those that are chasing a Nokia E72 free on the Three $29 cap, you may be too late. A screenshot of the Three website above shows that they have run out of stock, at the very least, temporarily. When I signed up, I decided to cancel my existing contract even thought it still had 15 days to go. They said I need to pay out the cancellation fee but it seems worth it. Keep an eye out on the Three website for more updates to this deal! 

Why I chose the Nokia E72

On Thursday, I received the Nokia E72 which was finally delivered by Hutchison Three. I signed up on the $29 cap and received the phone for free. The plan includes $150 worth of calls, SMS, MMS, international calls and calls to other non-Three phones. All calls to Three phones are free with an unlimited use of these free calls included. When signing up, they also offered the data plan for $4 per month which includes 500MB each month which is plenty for what I intend to use it for (Gmail, Maps Navigation, Web surfing).

The phone is a Nokia E72-2 model which is a Three branded phone without the availability of the latest  400.21.013 firmware. I chose a black E72 so that it maintains its professional look.

Setting up 
As the first thing to do, I used a backup of my Nokia E63 on PC suite to restore it on the Nokia E72. That way, I could retain my contacts, calendar entries, notes, bookmarks etc but the SMS did not transfer properly. Half of the SMS messages from my old phone did not make it but I am not sure why.

Features I love about the E72
- Choosing the length of your snooze time
- Full screen caller ID photos
- The opti-navi key which allows touch sensitive scrolling
- Excellent keypad for texting and typing
- Free QuickOffice upgrade
- Fast CPU processor compared to the E63 and E71
- Turn-to-silence the phone when a call comes through
- Spoken alerts such as "Battery Full" and "Charging"
- Free Voice Navigation on Ovi Maps!!

This blog will be to explore all the possibilities, gripes, tricks, tips and hacks for the Nokia E72 and other related phones. Bookmark it, set it as your homepage, anything to ensure that you are getting the most our of your E72! This blog is better if you contribute to the ideas and thoughts we discuss, so the question for this post is: What are the features that you see makes the E72 stand out from the rest? 

26 May 2010

Nokia E72 blog begins tomorrow.. when the E72 arrives

Here was a review from www.mye63.blogspot.com

Nokia obviously felt that they nailed the market with the Nokia E71 but the show must go on and new phones need to be released. The E72 introduces various new features but in many areas, it is the best combination of the Nokia E63 and the Nokia E71 combined.

The Build
The Nokia E72 comes in with a exterior design and form factor and a much more impressive look that would feel completely at home in a black BMW car kit. The phone processor is almost twice as fast as the Nokia E71 which should be very good to know for E71 users looking to upgrade to the Nokia E72. The keyboard is solidly built with the keys giving good feedback on each press.

The keypad takes a little getting used to because the left and right selection keys can be confused with the Home, Calendar, Phone-book and Messaging keys. The back and front of the phone are very slick but one concern is whether the back lid comes off accidentally too easily. Unlocking the keypad on the E72 is a combination of left and right selection keys rather than the E63 left selection key and the bottom left key (whatever its called).The battery life seems to have improved but this could be due to the more efficient processor installed in the Nokia E72.

The Camera
The phone camera is still not there yet but has a 5MP resolution which helps introduce a very useful feature - OCR scanningThe Camera has an auto-focus which you can toggle on by lightly touching the main navi-key which leads me to the navi-scroll that has been introduced in the Nokia E72. You can scroll up and down, left or right just by lightly dragging your finger over the main navi-key. As other reviewers have found, this feature is not yet completely perfected and for this model, you may find yourself turning the touch navigation off.

With the E72, you can import peoples' business cards into your contact book, identifying what should be a person's mobile, fax, email address, business address and name.. I haven't tried too many business cards but have been very impressed so far. Also, I was able to take a photo of half a page of text and the phone imported the page into NOTES flawlessly, without any mistakes! Perfect OCR!

Navigation on the Nokia E72 is also made more interesting, with the phone telling you when a GPS satellite link has been established and when it has been lost. This will be very useful when using the driving features or just seeing the GPS location in general. Also, I am not sure if this is new but when you are driving somewhere, you can use the zoom-out feature which allows you to get a bird's eye view of where you are going and the phone will automatically zoom back into a closer view of your directions. The Nokia Maps really leaves me wondering whether there is any real point in having a GPS system because the Nokia phone does things so well. You can have the 3D view, top down view or just the directions and how far till the next change of direction (eg 300m Left turn). Also, if you miss a turn, the phone just recalculates a new route for you.

The Small Things
With the inclusion of the accelerometer in the Nokia E72, you are able to do things such as turn your phone over to silence the phone when someone is calling you. Flipping the phone over when the alarm goes off also puts the phone to snooze mode. Another thing worth mentioning is also to do with the alarm clock. Now, finally, you can choose how long you want to snooze your phone when the alarm is temporarily silenced. It would be good if you could choose different alarm alerts for different alarms (eg Weekday work - urgent alarm like "Cubicle", Weekend alarm - soothing wake up call eg Miniature).

Overall the Nokia E72 is definitely a phone worth recommending to my fellow Nokia users. There has been nothing too disappointing to prevent me from honestly saying, well done team Nokia. E72 is a winner for us :)