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11 November 2010

Multiscanner Text Scanner and Card Reader

Yes, you are currently carrying a scanner in your hand. Don't look around, I am talking to you, the E72 user. Hidden in the boring section of the phone under Office, there is an application that you may not have realised existed. It's called the Multiscanner and if you have a business card lying around on your table, then try it out now.

The scanner can read text from a business card and then import the details into your phone as a contact in your address book, detecting which number is the fax, which is the mobile and what the person's name is. Its really an amazing app and I am not sure whether I have talked about this here yet.

Press down on your navi key and the scanner will switch to Text Scanner. This is where the fun really begins. Let's say you are reading a book and you want to share a quotation to someone via text (happens quite a bit to me). Straighten out your book, aim the scanner steadily at the paragraphs you would otherwise type out and press the big button. The phone will then use optical character recognition or OCR  technology to import the paragraphs into your phone. When you close the inputted text, it asks whether you would like to save it as a note. Or you can use SHIFT+C to copy the text and SHIFT+V to paste it to the text msg.

How often do you use this feature?


  1. I have a Nokia E72 but can't find the app. Where it is?, or Needs to be blocked out?

  2. fantastic ... a feature well worth having