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11 November 2010

Battery Low Indicator On Your Computer

I have mentioned earlier that I have not made the switch to Ovi. I'm staying true to PC Suite and just now, I got a little surprise when I returned to my computer.

My computer was telling me that my phone's battery was low. I had to look again carefully. Yes, it does say MyE72 has low battery. Then I realised that the PC suite, which was quietly connected to my E72 via bluetooth, had detected that my phone needed charging and told my computer because obviously, my phone wasn't getting much love.

It's the small things like this that makes me blog about my E72 and other E Series devices. They are quietly brilliant (where have I heard that before?) and when you use them, you always seem to run into new surprises about what they are capable of doing.

If you are not yet a power user of your phone, use the search bar or browse through the stacks of posts that we have here on various tips and tricks for your E72 phone or other Nokia E Series phones.

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