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19 November 2010

What's new in QuickOffice 6.0

As an E series user, you can get free updates of the excellent software QuickOffice. However, there is no support for Google Docs at the moment which is the one thing that I am really waiting to see happen. I see that Google has all but ignored the fact that symbian phones still exist, catering their new apps to just ios and Android platforms. 

So get your QuickOffice upgrade but if anyone knows a good way to use google spreadsheets on a Nokia other than using http://docs.google.com/m please leave a comment. Here are the updates for QuickOffice 6.0

View Excel® 2007 Charts
See your charts recalculate when you make data changes.
View PowerPoint® 2007 Files
Open and view PowerPoint® 2007 .PPTX Files
Localization Support
Language support for French, Italian, German, and Spanish is included.
Enhanced File Manager
Easily navigate digital files and folders. Most file types listed so you can now organize your music, photos, and office documents.
ZIP File Support
Browse and Open files within a ZIP folder.
View Password-protected Files
Open and view password-protected Word and Excel files. Common Microsoft encryption supported.
Word Count
No more worries about having too many or too few words in your Word document. Works just like word count on your desktop.
"Go To" Cell
Quickly navigate large worksheets by simply entering in the cell address you want to find.

11 November 2010

Three Australia Increases Data Limits

If you have included data in your cap plan with Three, you might want to check out My3 today. Not sure when it started but Three has bumped up its data limits.
  • 100mb goes up to 300mb
  • 250mb goes up to 350mb
  • 500mb goes up to 700mb
If you are with Three, let us know how much your data limit has increased in the comments below 

Multiscanner Text Scanner and Card Reader

Yes, you are currently carrying a scanner in your hand. Don't look around, I am talking to you, the E72 user. Hidden in the boring section of the phone under Office, there is an application that you may not have realised existed. It's called the Multiscanner and if you have a business card lying around on your table, then try it out now.

The scanner can read text from a business card and then import the details into your phone as a contact in your address book, detecting which number is the fax, which is the mobile and what the person's name is. Its really an amazing app and I am not sure whether I have talked about this here yet.

Press down on your navi key and the scanner will switch to Text Scanner. This is where the fun really begins. Let's say you are reading a book and you want to share a quotation to someone via text (happens quite a bit to me). Straighten out your book, aim the scanner steadily at the paragraphs you would otherwise type out and press the big button. The phone will then use optical character recognition or OCR  technology to import the paragraphs into your phone. When you close the inputted text, it asks whether you would like to save it as a note. Or you can use SHIFT+C to copy the text and SHIFT+V to paste it to the text msg.

How often do you use this feature?

Battery Low Indicator On Your Computer

I have mentioned earlier that I have not made the switch to Ovi. I'm staying true to PC Suite and just now, I got a little surprise when I returned to my computer.

My computer was telling me that my phone's battery was low. I had to look again carefully. Yes, it does say MyE72 has low battery. Then I realised that the PC suite, which was quietly connected to my E72 via bluetooth, had detected that my phone needed charging and told my computer because obviously, my phone wasn't getting much love.

It's the small things like this that makes me blog about my E72 and other E Series devices. They are quietly brilliant (where have I heard that before?) and when you use them, you always seem to run into new surprises about what they are capable of doing.

If you are not yet a power user of your phone, use the search bar or browse through the stacks of posts that we have here on various tips and tricks for your E72 phone or other Nokia E Series phones.