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19 November 2010

What's new in QuickOffice 6.0

As an E series user, you can get free updates of the excellent software QuickOffice. However, there is no support for Google Docs at the moment which is the one thing that I am really waiting to see happen. I see that Google has all but ignored the fact that symbian phones still exist, catering their new apps to just ios and Android platforms. 

So get your QuickOffice upgrade but if anyone knows a good way to use google spreadsheets on a Nokia other than using http://docs.google.com/m please leave a comment. Here are the updates for QuickOffice 6.0

View Excel® 2007 Charts
See your charts recalculate when you make data changes.
View PowerPoint® 2007 Files
Open and view PowerPoint® 2007 .PPTX Files
Localization Support
Language support for French, Italian, German, and Spanish is included.
Enhanced File Manager
Easily navigate digital files and folders. Most file types listed so you can now organize your music, photos, and office documents.
ZIP File Support
Browse and Open files within a ZIP folder.
View Password-protected Files
Open and view password-protected Word and Excel files. Common Microsoft encryption supported.
Word Count
No more worries about having too many or too few words in your Word document. Works just like word count on your desktop.
"Go To" Cell
Quickly navigate large worksheets by simply entering in the cell address you want to find.

1 comment:

  1. What firmware version are you guys on? Here in North America we are on 031.023. Europe is on 052.005. I think I'm finished with Nokia.