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08 July 2011

Google Docs kills off Nokia Smartphone Access

A recent update by Google to Google Docs seems to have left Nokia disconnected. Nokia phones are unable to use Google Docs which means millions of users around the world are unable to edit and view documents on their Nokia phone that have been uploaded to Google Docs.

Google Docs not working on the E6, just hangs on this screen

I have been wondering whether this is a problem with Google or with Nokia. Surely, you would think that Nokia would have a group of developers who are in charge of responding to changes in the market that can ultimately leave Nokia phones ineffective or redundant. This latest change by Google seems to be consistent with changes to Google Maps which has been further developed with features only accessible by Android and iOS systems.
Same problem on the E72

Another device, another language, Google docs not working on E72

What amazes me is the lack of reaction that these changes generate within the Nokia camp. With the recent talk of Nokia needing to stay relevant to the market and the change in direction and CEO, I personally hope that Nokia keeps more abreast of changes than it has in the past. The market has moved on but will it be time for even Nokia supporters to do the same?

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