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02 August 2011

Finally - Google Docs Spreadsheets on E72

It seems that the Nokia E72 is once again able to use Google Documents. Following our recent post below, some changes to the Google Docs page rendered Docs inaccessible for Nokia users. Now, access has been reinstated and the world is turning once again. Here is our previous post, where we first announced Google Documents being finally available on Nokia phones.

You won't see a press release on this but very recently, Google Docs has been modified to allow S60 devices such as our beloved Nokia E72 to edit Google Docs spreadsheets. Before, the only way you could edit your spreadsheets was to use Opera but now, Nokia's built-in browser allows you to click on the cell and edit it. Before this change, the Nokia browser would only allow you to see one column at a time, which is clearly a ridiculous situation. So, am I the only person in the world feeling like his birthday came early?

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