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04 August 2011

Its a Handsfree, not Headphones!

Have you had the frustration of plugging your handsfree into your mobile, in my case the E72 and having the options of Headphones, lineout or music stand appear? After looking at it with a puzzled face, you choose headphones and the phone says that you need to use the phone microphone even though you plugged in a handsfree, not earphones.

This problem puzzled me for quite a while, then I came up with a brilliant hack. Check the plug to see if there is something affecting the handsfree's connection to the phone. Sure enough, almost unnoticeable, deep inside the hole sat a tiny piece of tissue / cotton that could only be reached with a bent-out-of-shape paper clip.

So if you phone no longer allows handsfree connections, it could be just as simple as doing a little digging in your earphones port.

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