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31 August 2010

Win a free SMS & MMS diary license

Last year, we reviewed and gave away the awesome little application called SMS Diary to Nokia E63 users because it was one of the best ways to organise and view SMS messages. The program allows you to see statistics about the people that you SMS such as the number of SMS you have sent to each user and the average length of each SMS sent and received. Similar to Nokia Conversations, SMS and MMS are displayed in a threaded display that is very fast to scroll through. Read a longer review about SMS diary hereOne year on, the program still stands above other similar SMS inboxes and after trialling it with the E72, we are happy to announce that we managed to get 10 licenses from the vendors to give away right here at MyE72! 

What do you need to do? Since we are all created differently, we will have two ways available for you to enter this competition, one for the quiet, observant people and another for the loud-mouths. That way everyone has a fair chance.

Introverts - Writers
Write a review of the phone that you currently have (hopefully you have an E72), naming the pros and cons of having that phone. Send in the review to mye72b@gmail.com 

Extroverts - Promoters

If you are the type of person who hates writing, email us your publicity efforts in letting other E72 users know about the tips available here on MyE72. We want to be able to help as many E72 users out there. 
The best three entries will win a license of SMS Diary and another seven winners will be drawn randomly. We'll keep this competition open until the end of September so let's see your entries. Only one entry per person. 

27 August 2010

Best of top 5 QWERTY smartphones

Stuff.TV did a video on their recommendations regarding the best 5 smartphones that utilize a QWERTY keyboard. For those that use their phone for SMS messaging, instant messaging, word processing and emails, a QWERTY keyboard is quite important. So putting aside all the other considerations such as cameras and GPS, let's look at what are the Top 5 smartphones. No prizes for guessing which phone came first!

03 August 2010

How to get out of power saving

The camera is not working and your screen is blanking out very quickly. You are probably in power saving mode. When your phone is on its last legs it will usually switch to power saving mode. However, you may notice that when you insert a new battery, the phone still remains in power saving mode.

To deactivate power saving, press the power button shortly and press up on the navi key to Deactivate Power saving. If it says Activate Power Saving then your problem is not power saving mode.