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18 January 2011

Speed up your phone: Delete useless SMS

This is a simple little tip. There are some sms that we do want to keep but there are many which are absolutely worthless after you have read it - such as paypal confirmation numbers and bank authentication pins. Just get in the habit of pressing backspace when you have read your sms and delete the sms rather than have it reside in your inbox to slow down your phone. Alternatively, if you find that all sms are not worth keeping, just organise a monthly task of clearing your inbox to improve the speed of your phone.

04 January 2011

Simple but useful - E72 mirror and light

The other day I had to check something under the car and realised our E72 has an interesting feature that many people would never have realised. Sure we have a great torch built into the phone which I use almost every week. And yeah the back of the phone makes for a useful mirror. Have you ever thought about using both features together? The torch illuminates the subject area and the mirror allows you to check that area from another angle. If you don't want to crawl under your car to inspect something, turn on the torch and use the mirror on the phone to look around. I know it seems almost laughable to mention this as a blog post but I'm sure this would help someone else out there :) Oh yeah, if you are looking for a rogue cockroach under a cabinet or something, you can always use the camera phone and flash to take a picture to inspect a hard to reach place.