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12 October 2010

New Nokia E5 Firmware changes

For those that are using the Nokia E5, here are a list of changes in the new firmware that should be available to you now. Last night, my trial phone E5 asked me whether I wanted to download the new firmware so I upgraded from 034.001 to 051.018. Have you made the switch? 

• Browser upgrade into 7.2.6
• Cherry updated to version 2.1
• Freestyle Baseline 3.0 (latest version) update
• QuickOffice upgrade into 6.2.439
• New languages introduced, Office 2007 compatibility
• OVI Music client Inc9Br5 update
• Music 3.0: full album purchase, PIN less activation
• Lotus Notes Traveller 8.5.1 update
• My Nokia update
• OVI Store 1.6 update
• OVI Sync 2.0 update
• OVI Files widget update
• Windows Live removal
• New chat functionalities for the users
• Microsoft Office Communicator added to vanilla SW UDA content
• Nokia Messaging for Instant Messaging / Nokia Chat 2.0 added to vanilla SW UDA
• Improved Email, Calendar and Contacts experience
• Performance improvements
• Stability and usability improvements
• No changes to vanilla memory cards
• HW Specific change:
• PR3.0 includes SW Support for Rapuyama 1.13 (previously Rapuyama 1.11 supported).
The phone main processor version is going to change. This component needs the software update because of component ID’s are determined in software.
• There are no electrical changes which can effect to RF performance or normal customer use.
• This HW change will be implemented for production during P2 period in 2011. Next
Maintenance release PR4.0 is going to be mandatory update.
• Altogether 450+ errors are fixed.
New Feature :
• Microsoft Office Communicator 1.7 integrated
• Nokia Messaging for Instant Messaging / Nokia Chat 2.0 integrated
• Bloomberg added

10 Ten Most Loved Phones by Nokia Facebook fans

Here is a graph of what fans recently voted on Facebook as their top 10 favourite Nokia phones. Good to see that the Nokia E72 is the favourite E series phone, considering most E72 users were probably too busy doing business or working to vote for their phone :)

But we didn't need other people to let us know how good it is, did we?

09 October 2010

Your Nokia messaging account has been deactivated

Have you received an email like this? My inbox on nokia mail can no
longer be checked. Anyone know the solution?

Dear Nokia Messaging customer,

The Nokia Messaging account you have been enjoying came as part of the
purchase of your Nokia phone. According to our records, that phone has
been transferred to another person.

Your Nokia Messaging account has been deactivated. Your account is
safe - it cannot be accessed by the new owner of your Nokia phone. In
addition, you can sign up for a new Nokia Messaging account for use on
another Nokia phone. Please visit the Nokia Messaging website
(http://email.nokia.com/account) to see a list of Nokia phones that
run with Nokia Messaging.

We look forward to serving you again.

Nokia Messaging team

*** This email was generated automatically. Please do not reply to it. ***

What did you do with it? How was it fixed? please leave a comment if you can, or if you still have not found the solution, let us know and we may escalate this to Nokia Messaging team (we know people). 

08 October 2010

Why Nokia Messaging is Essential for Gmail

We love our Gmail but if there is one thing I have somewhat against it, it would be the badly neglected symbian application for Gmail put out by Google for the E72 but has not gotten any love since then. It's a disgrace to the search engine company turned multinational conglomerate but with their Android babies to look after, the adopted Nokia child is understandably neglected.

The E72 Gmail app does not allow you to
  1. Send attachments via Gmail
  2. Download attachments (you can only view attachments in text only)
  3. Delete emails relatively easily
  4. Auto-complete email addresses that you are typing in
After a brief struggle with Nokia Messaging, I started using Gmail in NOkia Messaging and it's been one massive change. I can attach documents to new emails without too much fuss. Emails that came with PDFs could now be opened by Adobe Reader LE 2.5 on my phone rather than in text only format in a Gmail window. 

Since Gmail now supports IMAP, Nokia Messaging connects to Gmail using IMAP. This means that when you delete emails on the Nokia Messaging inbox for your gmail account, you will effectively be deleting it from your Gmail account. I also understand that connecting via IMAP means that you can now get emails into your inbox as soon as they come through to Gmail without delay 

Another thing you can now do with the Nokia Messaging interface for Gmail is you can auto-complete your email addresses as you compose your email. Auto-complete does not come with the Gmail application that is available for the Nokia E72 which means a lot of fussing around with copy and paste.  

Useful guide to Apps

I came across the following diagram on Forum Nokia which finally made a little more sense to me about different extensions for mobile applications. I am not a developer, so this shows me why some of my apps end with .sis and others end with .jad. Sounds very simple but I guess it never was all that crucial to me to find out more.
However, if you are a developer, you may want to have a look at Forum Nokia to see how to get your applications signed and on the Ovi Store, then let us know when it is available for download.

01 October 2010

Coming soon - review of the BH-905 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Just before I left London, Katie from 1000 Heads made sure I got a pair of these BH-905 headphones before I flew back to Australia. I never realised the potential of noise cancelling headphones until the flight from Dubai to Perth. It turned a potential 10hr nightmare flight into one of the most enjoyable flights I have ever had. The headphones review is coming soon.