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08 October 2010

Why Nokia Messaging is Essential for Gmail

We love our Gmail but if there is one thing I have somewhat against it, it would be the badly neglected symbian application for Gmail put out by Google for the E72 but has not gotten any love since then. It's a disgrace to the search engine company turned multinational conglomerate but with their Android babies to look after, the adopted Nokia child is understandably neglected.

The E72 Gmail app does not allow you to
  1. Send attachments via Gmail
  2. Download attachments (you can only view attachments in text only)
  3. Delete emails relatively easily
  4. Auto-complete email addresses that you are typing in
After a brief struggle with Nokia Messaging, I started using Gmail in NOkia Messaging and it's been one massive change. I can attach documents to new emails without too much fuss. Emails that came with PDFs could now be opened by Adobe Reader LE 2.5 on my phone rather than in text only format in a Gmail window. 

Since Gmail now supports IMAP, Nokia Messaging connects to Gmail using IMAP. This means that when you delete emails on the Nokia Messaging inbox for your gmail account, you will effectively be deleting it from your Gmail account. I also understand that connecting via IMAP means that you can now get emails into your inbox as soon as they come through to Gmail without delay 

Another thing you can now do with the Nokia Messaging interface for Gmail is you can auto-complete your email addresses as you compose your email. Auto-complete does not come with the Gmail application that is available for the Nokia E72 which means a lot of fussing around with copy and paste.  


  1. Having tried both Nokia Messaging and the gmail application I'm sticking with the gmail application. A couple of reasons:

    1. The Nokia Messaging application will occasionally ask you to validate your Nokia Messaging account. If like me you forget your password then there is no way to recover the password. Nowhere on the Nokia messaging site does it offer a password recovery.

    2. The inability to switch of or alter the mail received tone. You can set time limits for collecting emails but silencing the application? No chance.

    Aside from those two then the benefits you mention are good!

  2. Does your E72 work well and stable with IMAP?

  3. Good comments Chris - but I havent had Nokia Messaging asking me for a password though.

    IMAP seems to work fine but I haven't been using it all that long.

  4. It's an E71 and Nokia Messaging did work. When I installed NM I had to sign up at the Nokia Messaging site and was told it was a beta product. After a while it asked me to reverify the account via the application. But it wouldn't accept the login details, nor after that at the website. So I uninstalled it.

    Since your post here I went and downloaded another copy, not asking for a login?? Installed it but it I got an authorisation failure with my gmail account. Very odd because it downloaded one message then refused to download any more. When I re-input the password it gmail sent back a verification failure.

    Anyways, the mail tone issues I raised are still unchangeable with the app as far as I could see. A shame because it has the potential to be a superb application.

  5. Chris H, I had the same problem, after months of working with no problems whatsoever, one day it randomly asked me for a password, but when I put it in, it wouldn't accept it even though I'm sure it was the correct password. I uninstalled and re-installed a later version of Nokia Messaging and it hasn't asked me for a password since. I would suggest you give it a try. Once you re-setup your Nokia Messaging, add any mail account that is in your Nokia Messaging account and it'll get all the other accounts linked to your Nokia Messaging. Personally, I think Nokia Messaging is indispensable. I don't know what I'd do without it. Also, the mail tone settings are the same as the New Mail alert in your profile settings.

  6. The password stuff is confusing to just about everyone. What you have to get your head around is that your password is synced with the email account you first registered with. If you forget your password, you go to the email provider and use their "forgot my password" facility instead of going to Nokia.

    Nokia haven't communicated this well at all, especially as they changed the way it worked as they used their own password system initially. Now it's authenticated against the initial account.

    NM password prompts have occurred a lot due to server downtime. It doesn't realise the server is down, so says your password is invalid. Then the user goes and messes about reinstalling things or reformatting the phone and they're in a right mess then when they lose the NM settings.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions and info!

    I again deleted the messaging app and have installed it from Ovi. Apart from an initial message telling me that it couldn't verify my account yet still downloaded all my messages it seems to be working fine.

    An alternative I found as my provider is Three UK was to use their provided push email client. Works but nowhere near as user friendly as Nokia's offering.

  8. i would definetley not want another server between my E72 and the gmail. I agree the nokia messaging is one of the worst implimentation of IMAP client, so is the Gmail app for symbian.
    I have used the 'profimail' by lonely cat games. An IMAP client for symbian. Since then i have not cared to look for another application for my mail box. The app has all the functions for an IMAP mailing, greatly written app, low mem and cpu usage: meaning better battery life. The User Interface is not glossy, but very functional one. Since the trail version works only for a month, i have bought the application. Its comes with a reasonable price for the good quality app.