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07 July 2011

What would an E72 user think of E6?

We finally have the chance to play with the Nokia E6 and after a day with it, let's have a look at some first thoughts from a Nokia E72 user. I vaguely recall a time when I started playing with the Nokia N8 wondering what a Nokia E72 would be like with a touch screen and that is exactly what we have in the Nokia E6. Looking very similar to the E72, apart from its E5 face, the E6 brings Symbian Anna to the only E series. I have to say it really didn't make that much of a difference apart from bringing in a new web browser.
The E6 does not make too many innovative steps in the hardware apart from the touch screen, with the camera taking one step back from the E72 which has an auto-focus camera. There is a slider lock on the right hand side of the device which enables you to lock and unlock the phone and also hold down to activate the torch (but the torch doesn't work when you are in an application).
I haven't discovered too many new hidden features in the E6 that were not in the E72. Joikuspot Premium comes standard and so does the ever essential business tool QuickOffice and F-secure.
How does touch make life better? The web browser for whatever reason does not have pinch and zoom enabled, probably something that we should see in the future versions. Having a touch screen makes it easier to input information into web forms for example and to scroll through a website quickly. The battery type is the same as other earlier E series phones such as the E63, E71 and E72. Volume of both the E72 and E6 are very similar as well for speakerphone and ringtones. The keyboard is the same as well. More on the E72 and E6 later.

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  1. I actually had some question in my mind that i need to ask,Many people said that E72 is a great phone..Did it can turn on/off data services just like android phone,I use E5 and it gave me bad experience because the internet settings can be set to 'when available' or 'when needed'..to me it just the same..so i want to know did E72 does the same or not.?