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15 February 2012

Nokia E72 v iPhone4S Cameras

Clint has offered to share a quick pic comparison between the Nokia E72 and the iPhone 4S. Yes, how dare they? Check out the two photos below and head over to Clint's blog for his thoughts. For a closer look, just click on the photo to get it enlarged.  

Nokia E72

iPhone 4s

Clearly the cameras both made slightly different exposure decisions. None were adjusted or biased by settings. Personally I think that the Nokia did a better job of getting in the entire scene without blow-outs of the whites. That's just my thoughts though. Also it would seem that the angle of view of the iPhone is a bit wider than that of the Nokia. So this would give the Nokia a slight advantage in needing to squeeze in less image onto the same pixels ...

Now, at 100% pixel view ..

Nokia E72
iPhone 4s

What do you think? 


  1. I own a Nokia E72 myself and the pictures you have taken again prove to me: This phone camera is totally underrated. If only Nokia had made the buggy software better, this would be the best QWERTY-phone of all times.

    1. imagine an e72 with a nice OS.

  2. GOOD NEWS, nokia has introduced an android based phone nokia n1 for the first time which is yet not released but you can see its specification based on rumors