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29 May 2010

Why I chose the Nokia E72

On Thursday, I received the Nokia E72 which was finally delivered by Hutchison Three. I signed up on the $29 cap and received the phone for free. The plan includes $150 worth of calls, SMS, MMS, international calls and calls to other non-Three phones. All calls to Three phones are free with an unlimited use of these free calls included. When signing up, they also offered the data plan for $4 per month which includes 500MB each month which is plenty for what I intend to use it for (Gmail, Maps Navigation, Web surfing).

The phone is a Nokia E72-2 model which is a Three branded phone without the availability of the latest  400.21.013 firmware. I chose a black E72 so that it maintains its professional look.

Setting up 
As the first thing to do, I used a backup of my Nokia E63 on PC suite to restore it on the Nokia E72. That way, I could retain my contacts, calendar entries, notes, bookmarks etc but the SMS did not transfer properly. Half of the SMS messages from my old phone did not make it but I am not sure why.

Features I love about the E72
- Choosing the length of your snooze time
- Full screen caller ID photos
- The opti-navi key which allows touch sensitive scrolling
- Excellent keypad for texting and typing
- Free QuickOffice upgrade
- Fast CPU processor compared to the E63 and E71
- Turn-to-silence the phone when a call comes through
- Spoken alerts such as "Battery Full" and "Charging"
- Free Voice Navigation on Ovi Maps!!

This blog will be to explore all the possibilities, gripes, tricks, tips and hacks for the Nokia E72 and other related phones. Bookmark it, set it as your homepage, anything to ensure that you are getting the most our of your E72! This blog is better if you contribute to the ideas and thoughts we discuss, so the question for this post is: What are the features that you see makes the E72 stand out from the rest? 

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  1. Hi

    in case this isn't exhaustive, it might be nice to see a comparison of what you have found better on 72 over your 63

    thanks :-)