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01 March 2011

E72 pros vs N8 cons

I've been using the Nokia E72 and the Nokia N8 side by side and every time I thought about giving up my E72 to solely use my Nokia N8, certain advantages that the E72 has over the N8 come to mind. 

E72 pros vs N8 cons
  • Chatting - I've given the N8 a good few months but I still find it quite tedious compared to my Nokia E72 to send a text or chat with someone or update gravity. When using Fring, for example, you cannot see the chat screen while you are typing a response. Swype is good and makes the experience of texting / chatting much easier but it is also a little difficult compared to a QWERTY keyboard on the Nokia E72. 
  • From 0 to Search Using Voice Search Google voice search does not work on the Nokia N8 as it is a touch screen with no keyboard. For now, the fastest way to do a google search with one hand is to (first, have Google application installed, then) hold down the Call key on the Nokia E72 and speak out your search. Before you know it, your phone is searching the net. Works very well with Google Maps as well, making it much easier to operate with one hand. I use this most for looking up business phone numbers while I am on the go (eg to do a price or availability check or something). 
  • Calendar I have to admit that I have not really used the N8 calendar all that much but my initial impressions were enough to put me off syncing my E72 calendar entries to my N8. Perhaps a little underwhelmed so I decided to keep using my E72 for appointments 
  • The Torch Once again we are making a very big fuss about what many will think is trivial but if you look at the power of the E72 torch which is brighter than maybe three LEDs put together (I think), you will understand why this is mentioned. The E72 torch feature continues in the next E series phone with the Nokia E7 but the N8 will have to settle with wandering in the dark. 
Have a look at what the N8 has over the E72 here.

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