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15 September 2010

First Impressions of the E7 - E7 v N8

At the Nokia Experience Lounge, there were plenty of demo phones for people to play with and compare. The E7 is naturally what we are mostly interested in as it is the next in line in the E series development. The screen was very impressive, with what they call the ClearBlack Display or CBD which makes true black the new black in black. The screen size was described as 4 inch but it is only when you see it in front of you that you realise the sheer size of it. Reading emails make you forget that you are opening the email on your phone rather than your desktop, with the touch screen also enabling pinch and zoom and press-and-hold for "right-click" type features. 

What was quite interesting was to put the two new big hitters side by side. Noka E7 and the Nokia N8 compared. Spot the difference? Some bloggers mentioned that it was like the E series was just an N8 with a keyboard. 
N8 on the left, E7 on the right

Similar thickness

The E7 comes with all the features of business security for emails and exchange friendliness. However, I have mentioned in earlier posts about the Nokia N97 that the keyboards of this sort don't excite me, but seeing how many people were using N900s, perhaps its just something you need to get used to.

But with many things its the feel you get when you have the device in your hand. if that is the guide, the E7 as well as the other phones launched today will be winners in their own right. Tonight, Nokia puts on a party in Central London and that's where we are headed in ten minutes. Would you buy the E7? leave your comments and your reactions to the press releases posted earlier.

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