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22 September 2010

How the Nokia N8 will change the way you work

The Nokia N8 has so many features but often its not about the technology, but what you do with it. One distinction that people seemed to use between the Nokia N series and E series is that the N series is meant to be for play whereas the E series phones are for work. However, after checking out the phone at Nokia World, some applications of the N8 in an office context came to mind and here are just a few that we could come up with. I'm sure there are much more than this so feel free to make suggestions but for those considering the Nokia N8 as a future purchase, consider these possibilities: 

  • N8 replaces the projector - With the Nokia N8, the next time you walk into a meeting room, you may not need to bring in your projector, but your Nokia N8 and a HDMI cable. Plugging the N8 straight into the TV/monitor, you will be able to control your powerpoint presentation from your phone. 
  • N8 replaces your iPod/wireless mic? - A little known feature that comes with the Nokia N8 as well as many other N series phone is the FM transmitter. This means that you can have an MP3 or a call broadcast to a FM frequency (for example 97.7FM) so that it can be picked up by a radio nearby or a room next door. This is also useful in your car if you would like to listen to an MP3 but you forgot your handsfree kit. Just switch the FM transmitter on and you can tune into your phone on your radio. 
  • N8 replaces your media player - Whilst we do not advocate piracy, the Nokia N8 does enable you to play dolby digital surround sound via the HDMI cable so if you are a media professional, this could be one very cool way to show off your portfolio to a potential client. 
  • N8 replaces your GPS - On the way to the meeting, you can use the in-built GPS and Navteq-powered Ovi Maps to navigate your way through the streets of a new country which you can download and use without incurring data costs. 
  • N8 replaces your printed out documents - With the new pinch and zoom and large touch screen, many office users will find the N8 very useful for referring to documents on the road.
Many of these applications will also be achieved with the Nokia E7, but that can be discussed another time. For those who continue to use the Nokia E72, a later post will show how I used the E72 during my recent trip to London. 

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