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28 September 2010

Pros and Cons of the Nokia E72

One of our readers, Ashutosh, has shared with us his views on the Nokia E72. 
I have been using E72 since December 2009. Generally, I carry only one phone and most of the time, do not carry cameras also. The phone acts as my primary point and shoot spontaneous moments.

1. Have heard lot of negative reveiws about the build quality. Mind you, I have a 3 year old daughter who has subjected it to some very grusome crash tests! Lol!!! Apart from a scar at the rim, nothing has happened. Build quality is a win for me.

2. Superb qwerty keyboard. The keyboard is awesome. Keys are upped and soft and your thumbs don't hurt even after pumping long emails!

3. Awesome office support. I edit my office documents on the go.

4. Nokia Messaging life time licence. Gives me the liberty to choose my plan and enjoy push mail all along.

5. Very decent camera. I have captured some very memorable antics of my daughter through its 5mp camera. Coupled with qik, it becomes awesome media creation tool for personal video creations for folks who may be apart.

6. 1500mAh battery is a life saver.

1. Resolution of 320*240 is a no go.

2. Lack of app support.

3. No default HTML view for emails forces me to use profimail as my email client.

What are your pros and cons of the E72? 
Write a review of the phone that you currently have (hopefully you have an E72), naming the pros and cons of having that phone. Send in the review to mye72b@gmail.com before the end of September for the chance to win the app SMS Diary.


  1. I love the phone form, no trackball, flip to mute,

    The one that irks the most is I've to connect to wifi when the phone doesn't do it automatically like my N900 and Blackberry Bold. I also find the software unstable, it crashes every now and then

  2. upgrade your e-mail client, default HTML support is added long ago

  3. 128 MB of RAM is terrible, and the remaining RAM after startup is around 40 MB only. Nokia made a great phone and tried to cut costs in this area which made the phone sub-par. I'm never buying a Nokia phone again because my experience with this phone has been far from satisfactory, even though it has the potential to be everything desired from a business oriented phone.

    Hello Android.