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15 September 2010

Day Two - Connecting People with the Father of the Internet

Sir Tim Berners Lee took the stage for day two of Nokia World to talk about the future of the internet. The first thing he discussed was the future of the internet being in the area of location awareness. He encouraged web developers to start developing online applications that would take advantage of GPS technology.

As his second point, he discussed the importance of utilising the increasing amount of data on the internet. The UK and USA have been competing in a friendly way to see who could get the best type of information to the internet on websites such as http://www.data-archive.ac.uk/. Sir Tim said it was then up to the world wide web to take advantage of this information to improve the information internet users could access.

HTML 5 which enables easy video embedding and scaleable vector graphics will also be the future of the internet with the increasing variety of devices accessing the internet.

Sir Tim also discussed the concerns with the internet such as the issues surrounding privacy. The other concern was that the internet needs to maintain a neutrality, which allows fair access to all websites, not being limited by a country or a company. Everyone should have a fair opportunity to set up a website, make money and become famous just 'because someone blogged about it'.

The limited access to the internet was also mentioned because only 20% of the world has access to the internet even though 80% have the signal to access the internet. This concern has been largely ignored by the world.

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