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24 September 2010

Fixing Your Internet Connection

In the past three months, I have been overseas twice, to Singapore, Thailand and London and one recurring issue was having to reconfigure my internet connection each time I was in another country. Although each place has its idiosyncrasies, there is one general tip I can share about checking your 3G connection.. Take a look at Control Panel - Settings (not Connect.) - Connection - Destinations.

Even though I have been using the internet on mobiles for well over four years, I still struggle with the difference between Internet and WAP services. The main thing to check when arriving in a new destination are the access points listed in WAP and Internet. If the local access point is not within BOTH of these, go into Options - New Access Point - Yes (to Automatically check for available access points). You can then select the Packet Data that appears. After doing this, you can copy that access point to WAP or Internet by going to Options - Organise - Copy to other dest.

Hope that helps you out in one way or another. Next time I go overseas, I may have to google my own blog to find out how to do it again.

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