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06 September 2010

How to Unlock an E72?

Some networks around the world lock their phones so that users are unable to use a SIM card from a rival network. It is not illegal to unlock your phone, and depending on your network provider, it may involve a fee. For those using a Nokia E72 on Three or Vodafone, you can unlock your phone by calling up customer service. The best reason to give for unlocking when they ask is that  you are going overseas. They will then:

1. Ask for your IMEI number by asking you to type in *#06#2. They give you a code that looks something like #pw+23489729429834+1#3. The phone will say "sim card restriction off"

If you are not with one of these network providers, there are websites which allow you to unlock your phone for a small fee. With some plans that networks lock you into, the fee is usually worth it. Just make sure you do not try unlocking more than three times.


  1. you're welcome, people always want to know how to unlock their E72

  2. I have just brought a new E72 for my daughter for christmas from someone on e-bay which their listing said it was unlocked but I have just tested it with my sim card which is orange (and my daughter is too) and it won't let me make or receive calls!! It is a vodafone E72. Is there any way I can get it unlocked without paying anything because I have already spent more than her christmas budget on this phone. Many thanks

  3. HI, Can anyone recommend a site or put me through how to unlock my E72 phone from T-Mobile? I got given the phone from a friend who got given from an old boyfriend (whom she would have nothing to do with ever again!). I dont even know if the phone unlock has been attempted 3x already. HELP!!! ztaiwo@yahoo.com

  4. I also have a nokia e72 uk t-mobile, but I can not unlock it.
    I am Italian and I would like to use my vodafone sim.
    I also bought a piece of software at a great price on cellunlocker.net but ripped me off! nothing works!
    can help you?

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  6. three charge £15.32 to give you a code to unlock your phone.this is for each phone you need to unlock & it can take up to 5 days to get it as they have to get it from the makers of the phone.it isnt free

  7. hello , my phone is with optus ,and the sim fails yet im on boost so it should work, does this mean it needs to get unlocked??

  8. Hi i have recently canceled my three contract, i want to continue using the nokia e72 i got with them on another network, how can i unlock it for free?

  9. i forgot my lock code
    i need 2 hard reset the fone
    so.... cud yu pls help me gettin my lock code bck 2 12345??

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