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14 September 2010

Nokia is Back - Our thoughts on the Keynote Speech

We're sitting in the keynote and introduction speeches at Nokia World with 25 of the busiest bloggers from around the world. Its been an inspiring and interesting look at the coming year for Nokia. The words you will see around the world today in media outlets is "Nokia is Back". The keynote speech unveiled some exciting phones coming up including the Nokia C6 C7 N8 and E7. We were especially interested in the E7 which was announced as the best smartphone Nokia has ever produced. The E7 will bring back much of what makes the E72 one of the most popular business phones. The E7 will be a massive 4 inch touchscreen device with a ClearBlack display allowing a stronger contrast and display on the phone.

The highly anticipated launch of the Nokia N8 was also part of the keynote speech starting with criticism of commentators who judged the N8 on screenshots. "You can't judge a car by how familiar the dashboard looks, you have to get in and drive it!" The HDMI output and an insanely overwhelming 12.1MP camera has also been described as making the N8 the best smartphone for media and music. Nokia is experiencing unprecedented demand for this N8. Much more has been announced but we'll post a press release summary following this post as we make our way around Nokia World. Keep up to date with minute by minute updates on twitter @my_e72 and leave questions you would like to ask the top brass in Nokia.


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  2. Shelby - certainly a lot more people are using phones as their laptops. I do it myself.

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