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26 June 2010

Nokia releases new firmware for Three Australia E72s

I have just downloaded the newest Nokia Software Updater and when I connected the E72 to my computer via the USB cable and ran the Nokia Software Updater, it said that I have a new firmware available for downloading. It also warned me that I should run the Nokia Backup first to avoid a loss of my data.

My current E72 firmware version is 021.024.
The new E72 firmware (which you may already have) is 031.023

So what's new in the firmware update?
What is new in the firmware update is listed here. The changelog is available here. It is also worth mentioning that recently my E72 has been playing up a lot. I had to restart the phone about four times yesterday and this morning when someone called me, the phone started buzzing incessantly as if the vibrate mode was jammed. I am looking forward to the promised greater stability that the Nokia E72 will experience. Unlike many things out there, this update for your E72 is free.