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15 July 2010

E72 back from Nokia Care Centre

It's been a little over one week since we reported the death of my Nokia E72 and the subsequent visit to the Nokia Care Centre in Perth, Australia. I have just picked up the E72 mark 2. The staff were very courteous and the cost was nothing because the phone is still under warranty with THREE. They suggested that I do not restore my backup because of possible problems with the inconsistent software versions but I don't think that is something to really worry too much about.

I can say that if you do have a problem with your Nokia phone, it is worth going down to your nearest Nokia care centre and see what they can do. Their SMS alerts made it easy for me to keep track of the phone's progress and as mentioned in the earlier post, I managed to get a new handset after the old one died after a failed firmware update. So what are the first steps of configuring your E72.

Update firmware
After leaving the store, I typed in *#0000# then went to OPTIONS to update the firmware on the phone. The 12mb file was found by the phone from the net and asked if I wanted to download and install it. After a few minutes and the phone restarting a couple of times, the phone's firmware was successfully updated to without a hitch.

Sync Messages, Contacts, Bookmarks, Landmarks, Notes and Calendar Entries
The next thing is to run the "SWITCH" application to transfer all of your data from your old phone or RESTORE a backup using PC suite.

So with that, on with the blog.

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