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26 July 2010

How to get prepaid internet for your mobile phone in Thailand

I am posting this (and the previous post) on the road around 100km from Bangkok. Its been an eight hour drive and through some crazy wet season weather and interesting scenery (we overtook a candle float for a parade earlier). We are in Thailand for a few days and after some help from relatives I signed up to AIS edge / GPRS prepaid internet sim which cost 100 baht for 30 hours of internet over gprs. This gives me access to the net on my mobile without too much concern about roaming expenses as we need to watch out for in Australia.

There does not seem to be any limit on download not that you would be downloading a windows service pack with your mobile. You can get so much done such as checking up on the news, weather, email, banking, look up candle parades, see how many hours till your final destination, or just update your facebook with photos as you experience them. And with a phone that has a versatile qwerty keyboard such as the e72, why not make the most of what you have and take notes while listening to an audio book or go through some local phrases using xs2theworld or babelphone. ( I did manage to find a workaround for the facebook problem alluded to in the earlier post but will post about that another time.) Anyway if you know good sim plans in Singapore with a good internet allowance and coverage leave a comment.

I should mention since some of you do rely on advice from here, AIS was not necessarily the best value plan but as you can see the reception and price was good enough for me. Feel free to make some other suggestions if you knew of any.

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