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18 July 2010

If you can't hear anything

Have you got an application such as XS2TheWorld's Babelphone or City Guide that does not seem to play the sounds that you are expecting to hear? Maybe you have GPS app which is supposed to speak to you but is not saying anything.

The solution is pretty easy. If there is no sound coming from your E72, it could be that you have turned off Warning Sounds in your profiles. The low battery sound may have bothered you enough to disconnect the warning tones but the effect is that some applications will not be able to "speak" to you. I had an XS2TheWorld application which I could not get the sound working but once I switched the warning tones back on, everything worked again.

To do this, just go to CONTROL PANEL -> PROFILES -> GENERAL (or whatever you are using) -> PERSONALISE -> WARNING TONES -> ON.

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