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07 June 2010

Are you stuck on firmware 021.024?

I have had a look around the internet and it seems like I am not the only Nokia E72 user which is frustrated with not being able to upgrade my phone from the software version 021.024 to the latest firmware. I used *#0000# to find out the following about my phone 

As you can see, the custom version is and the model is E72-2 with type RM-529. Unfortunately, it seems that this E72 model and type is a specially branded THREE phone and therefore it is unable to be upgraded to the current firmware which seems to be 031.023! There have been some people who suggested debranding the phone but I have not taken this step yet, hoping that someone may know something about Three releasing the firmware update sometime soon? Leave a comment by clicking to the left of this post and let us know what you think. Is your phone upgradeable? Find out by pressing *#0000# and going to OPTIONS  --> CHECK FOR UPDATES.


  1. Why is three so difficult? or is there a technical problem?

  2. No problem here ... in Belgium :-)
    Upgrade done since May