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20 June 2010

Controlling your E72 from your Computer

The Nokia PC suite has been developed to such a level that even when Nokia launched Ovi, it seems that it still hasn't eclipsed the versatility of the Nokia PC suite. With the Nokia E72, there are many ways you can control your phone from your computer via this free software.

Incoming calls and SMS. When the phone is connected via USB or bluetooth, incoming calls and SMS will be displayed on your computer screen as they come through, enabling you to read the SMS or even answer the phone from your computer. Of course, you can then reply with an SMS by using your computer's keyboard which I guess is only slightly faster than the E72 keyboard.

Syncing photos and calendar entries. If you have your phone connected via bluetooth to your computer, you can have your computer download the most recently taken photos from your E72. You can also update your Microsoft Outlook with the calendar entries that you have added on your phone while you were out and about. From your computer you can also add calendar entries and contact details to your phone via PC suite. To read more about the PC Suite Calendar, read this post on MyE65.

Adding more to your phone. The wireless connection to your computer or the faster USB cable connection enables you to also install new applications that you downloaded from your computer for your phone as well as other things like MP3s and excel spreadsheets that you would like to refer to while you are out (eg price lists, expense trackers etc).

There's more that you can do but much of the fun is discovering it yourself. Come back when you find something really useful that you would like to share.

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