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14 June 2010

How to SMS 20 people in one go

This is a function that has been around for the past 5 years on Nokia phones but its quite a surprise how many people do not know about it. 
The Situation There may be a group of people that you normally would like to contact or notify of something in one go. Maybe you have a group of members of a footy club that you want to let them all know that a meeting is cancelled. Rather than contacting each person individually or sending each person a SMS, you can create a group profile and send everyone the same SMS in one go.

How do you do this? To set up a group profile, go to your address book by pressing the TOP RIGHT button in the MIDDLE section of your phone which has a contact book icon on it. Press the top left OPTION button and go to GROUP - NEW GROUP.

Name your group (eg "basketball team") and then add people to the group. When you want to send an to every person in that group in one go,  select "Basketball team" from your contact book. When you send the sms, it will be sent to all the people in that group. Note however that each sms will be sent to the members one at a time. As each SMS is sent, your phone (if its in General Mode) will beep.Situations where this could be useful include -
  • To manage a group booking for something 
  • To ask a question to your "group of experts" at the same time
  • Give an update about something to closest friends
  • Send an SMS to all your work colleagues or Church group members
Have you made use of this function before? 

1 comment:

  1. The only problem is your carrier may not support more than 10 sms in a row. So you have to divide them into smaller groups.

    Usually the sms report answer will be "pending"...which almost 100% failed.