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07 June 2010

Making the most of your Optical Navi Key

One of the features that many people will spend their first few weeks accustoming themselves with is the optical navi key which is a touch-sensitive way of navigating around your Nokia E72. Rather than press the directional keypad, the optical navi key means that you can glide your finger in an upward motion over the keypad and move the selection up in any menu.

Optical Navi Key with Music Player
However, as I discovered last night, this optical navi-key can be a little quirky when you are using the Music Player. Since the speakers are on the bottom of the phone, I turned my phone over whilst listening to an MP3 when suddenly the MP3 stopped. Tried it again and this time it jumped to the next track. I eventually realised that there was no bug in the Music Player, its just that since the optical navi key was on, moving the phone around activated the fast-forward, rewind or stop motion. So its not a bug, its a feature.

Since we are talking about the Music Player, if you were wondering how to fast forward through to a later part of a track, you will need to hold down the fast forward button. If you let go too fast, it will skip to the next track. Wish there was another way of doing this as I've found many times I would accidentally skip to the next track.

So do you like your Optical Navi Key? Or have you switched it off?


  1. Hi. do you know if the optical key button can change with a new one?

  2. Yeah i think it can be, try the Nokia Care Centre.