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16 June 2010

How would Firmware 031.023 change your experience?

Here is a post I found on a forum about what some E72 users observed about the 031.023 firmware update. As of now, Three Australia still has not provided this update so this is mainly for the benefit of Optus E72 and international users. 

Following changes I can notice after upgrading to new firmware version 031.023.
  • New Application – Internet radio – To the radio application new internet radio was added. Sam application as I mentioned in previous post.
  • New Application – Smart Connect 
  • New Application – Advanced Communications Manager 
  • New application – Bloomberg

New content
* WAPI support for China
* Internet radio
* Smart Connect
* Bloomberg
* Advanced Communications Manager
* Freestyle email (2.05, BL3, csw.32.rd_email_10w04)
* My Nokia (4.1)
* Nokia Maps SR3
* Share on OVI (4.3)
* OviStore (1.5.436)
* Cherry (2.1)
* Browser 7.2

Only major corrections listed.
• Stability improvements
o Memoryleak corrections to improve general stability
o Music player, radio, video recording, earphone, security sw and encryprion stability corrections
• Localisation corrections(MAPS, Calendar, Contacts, Email and Browser area)
• Email improvements
o MFE activation registration correction
o Synchronisation correction to mailbox creation(like Yahoo and Gmail) for the first time
o Email editing correction(dubling of words when deleting suggestions)
o Correction to synchronization when syncing draft meeting request
o Set default setting “Sync while roaming” to “No”
o Sending message without password initials crash correction
o Messaging menu memory leak correction
o Meeting request creation stability corrections
o Requiring meeting request corrections
o Meeting request saving correction if meeting request is saved before sending
o Meeting update send after editing request
o Contacts stability improvements (arrow keys pressed rapidly before contacts are loaded, add searched contact to the goup without name, mail box removal, open/close contacts during call, conference call with two same name participants, … )
o Company name displayed in contacts
o Group deleting correction when goup is deleted from group edit view
o Contact group editing view corrections
o Contacts search corrections (Group cannot be searched after editing its conference service number, Image detail of marked contact is not displayed in search result, Group disappears when add contact to it in searched result view)
Home screen
o Missed call indicator removal correction after call has been accomplished form action menu
o Message notifier corrected when several voice messages received
o New maps version included
o Free navigation
o Improved GPS handling
o Landmark corrections(land mark received vie MMS, Landmarks are not displayed when selecting places during planning route from landmarks application)
o Voice guidance corrections (turning directions, safety camera)
o Route planning/saving corrections
• Browser
o Browser bitmap memory leak correction
o Browser closing stability improvement before connection is open
o Secure connection icon corrections (going to an other secure page, secure connection canceling)
o When moving multiple Bookmarks, the last selected Bookmark is not moved
o Bookmark icon correction
o Spacebar stops working correction
o Emergency call correction when lock code query is on and call made quickly after power on
o Theme effects disabled by default

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  1. I have the last firmware and, yes, I confirme the change log.