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24 April 2013

Whatsapp Nokia - Going from Last to First

Nokia has turned an achilles heel into a stepping stone as they embrace an app that contributed to their downfall in the last few years. Whatsapp was one of the reasons why I finally changed my phone over for the first time to Android as there no plans for the app to be supported by the Nokia N9 that I was using at the time.

The Nokia Asha 210 has just been announced by Nokia which will look a lot like the old school Nokia E72 and Nokia E63 with a similar physical keypad layout but there will be one interesting addition. One of the keys will be dedicated to take you straight to Whatsapp, making it the first device in the world to feature a dedicated physical button for Whatsapp

The other new features in the Asha 210 are not really worth raging on about. I just thought it was interesting to see how one little app can receive such an endorsement as Whatsapp has achieved in the Asha 210.


  1. Is there any chance to download LINE for E72? Please let me know