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02 November 2011

Problems Moving from Three to Vodafone

Two months ago, my wife moved her Three account to Vodafone, as the area we are living in seems to have poor Three coverage. She was told by a Vodafone representative on the phone that the coverage in our area would be better under Vodafone and that it would not cost us anything to switch over since the two companies are now effectively one company.

So the phone was switched over without too much drama. However, after switching over, she registered for MyVodafone which is the online account management tool. As soon as she pressed REGISTER, this appeared:

So we called Vodafone and they said to wait a few days to try it again. Same problem occurred and we called them again. Same advice, same outcome and we called them again. This time they said they have escalated it for the engineers to check it out and will contact us in a week's time. No call came for the next two weeks. Last night, we spoke to them again. They said that they have some technical problems with people migrating over from Three. They are looking into this issue but have no idea if/when it will be resolved. Currently users could be experiencing the following issues if they migrated from Three -
  1. They cannot register for MyVodafone
  2. They cannot check available credit by dialling1512 
In other words, we are flying blind on our phone cap. What annoyed me the most was that they had "closed" two of the issues that we raised in previous conversations last month without resolving or informing us. That there is what you call bad customer service! I thought I would post this up so that other users who may have migrated from Three to Vodafone will know what may also be going on with their accounts as well. 

Are you one of them? 

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